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seo agency Keyword distribution and keyword density will help you to get better SEO. SEO Content Helper by Jenst is your very own assistant when writing awesome content. Everything should be super easy with this free WordPress plugin. There are some popular WordPress Plugins on the market which using nofollow and noindex. When used incorrectly this can seriously damage a WordPress sites search engine rankings because they include the ability to nofollow and noindex sections of a WordPress site. Most Webmasters spend a lot of their SEO time gaining valuable backlinks to their WordPress blogs only to waste a significant proportion of that Continue reading

Doing this enhances your e-commerce websites optimization and improves usability for human visitors. Whenever new products are added to a sub-category, your breadcrumb navigation trail ensures new links to each level in the URL hierarchy, all the way back up to the category page and home page. By employing sub-navigation menus within specific categories, you can link to other relevant categories higher up in the structure. With good keyword analysis and by planning exact match anchor texts, you will practically set your internal link building on auto-pilot. Each time you add a new product page (e.g., for a new pair of running shoes) to your site, youll not only boost the [shoes/running-shoes] level of the URL, but simultaneously pass along link juice upward in the hierarchy to the [shoes] category, as well. Section/category level menus that link to relevant categories ensure that Googles crawlers can find their way to all sections of the site and see pages in context with other content to easily decide how to rank them. It is best to avoid mega-menus and drop-down menus which cause a flat URL structure and sometimes link to less relevant parts of the site, thereby leaking authority, power and Page Rank.

20 Practical Tips for Recruitment Agencies to Get Their Website Listed in Google #1. | The Recruitment Agencies Guru – Corporate Headhunter,Singapore based

Your goal is not to bring the maximum number of visitors to your site. It is to capture potential audience members. Working to increase site traffic is pointless if the visitors who land on the site dont stay. With that in mind, search for and connect with those people who need the content that your site offers. Stay away from empty promises in both SEO and SEM. 5. Encourage audience participation. Time on site and bounce rate are two of the main indicators that search engines use to evaluate sites and, hence, two of the main factors for site searchability. There are few metrics more significant in building and maintaining your audience and your presence in the search engines. Build audience engagement through polls, quizzes, reader-submitted content, sharing and comments.

DoFollow HTML code tells search engines like Google to consider the link as a valid backlink from Delicious to the linked website. 5. Backlinks are counted and results in a rise in search engine rankings. 6. The highest ranked sites go to the first page of search engine results, for immediate traffic. How to Bookmark in Delicious To get Delicious links is to actively participate in the bookmarking service through sharing, tagging and managing bookmarks. Here are some steps on how to do this: 1. Be the first to bookmark your link.

Delicious stores website links from bookmarks. 2. The more users bookmark the same link, the more Delicious considers this link to be popular, relevant and good quality. 3. Delicious gives out DoFollow properties to link pages of quality sites. 4. DoFollow HTML code tells search engines like Google to consider the link as a valid backlink from Delicious to the linked website. 5. Backlinks are counted and results in a rise in search engine rankings.

When you put great stuff out there people notice and will link to it and share it.. Each newlink you getto your post from otherswill be a vote the search engines will see and like. When you produce great content time after after time,people will come to your site (along with the search engine rankings). Link to other Posts Linking to otherblogposts that are relevant to the topic youre currently covering helps search engines crawl deep within your site. It will also help your readers find more information of interest which will hopefully bring them back often. Happy readers and search engines that can find a lot of linked content help drive up your traffic and get more of your site indexed in search! The more shares the better!Give your readers options to share your content across the web by placing social media buttons at the beginning and end of your blog posts. Please make it easy for them or they wont do it. The wider youre able to spread your post the more likely youll build backlinks from people finding your content and that its relevant to search engine users.

You should choose a localization agency that has demonstrated the ability to provide you with a large amount of Arabic glossary content for each specific country. Your vendor should have sufficient experience in Arabic markets to derive terms and phrases for your glossaries from previously translation projects. This will help you select or create the right Arabic keywords for each country and each target market. Choosing the right localization agency will also ensure that you write accurate content suitable for the local target culture and avoid any unsuitable website content that may be forbidden by religious or cultural customs. Arabic Search Engine Challenges I believe the Arabic language poses a unique challenge when it comes to content and keywords because the entire Arabic-speaking region contains very special traditions and regional differences . This challenge requires a partner with strong experience in the specific region you are targeting. Only a localization partner with solid experience in specific, regional Arabic translation and localization can ensure that your Arabic content is optimized and provide you with the right set of Arabic keywords to ensure that your target Arabic customers will find you. Arabic Domain Names Widespread support for Arabic domain names is a fairly recent development. An Arabic domain name pre-registration service has been launched and will solve many problems associated with domain names and SEO keywords in the future.

Just enter a few details (no obligation): Name: Main SEO objectives for website? but whats the best way to find it? There are quite a few SEO tools around that can help you with this, some free and some youll need to pay for. Example of free tools include, and . Paid tools that will do this (and a lot more besides) include tools like or . Sometimes its easier to just do the research in Google All these tools are great, but sometimes the simplest and quickest way to check how your website is doing in Google (or any of the search engines for that matter) is to just do some simple keyword searches and make a few notes on where your site is positioned. Dont use keywords that are too broad So the first thing to do is to develop your list of keyword phrases. Most business owners will have some idea of these. One thing to note: dont choose keywords that are too broad, as your website is unlikely to come high for them.

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2 . Host software must be WordPress :- There are large number of blogging software and platform are available in internet ,now this days.Recently I have written another blog post about top blogging software and platforms .However, my first choice is WordPress because it has thousands of extra facilities among others software.So go to and install the latest version of the blogging software. 3 . Install friendly SEO Plugins :- Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the top rated topic in the virtual world of internet .It is seen that every professional blogger and webmaster has passed her/his half of online presence in researching the word SEO.They searching for friendly SEO plugin as prime criteria of any blog or website.So you can install good SEO plugin with less loading time.There are thousands of SEO plugin in wordpress where some are paid version and some are free .If you are fully new then my first choice is WP SEO plugin by Yoast. 4 . Choose fast loading WP theme :- WordPress theme is another plus point of blogging and bloggers.There are thousands of free and paid wordpress theme are available in virtual world.You have to choose one of them but keep in attention that your theme must be fast loading and easy to customize as your needs. Customized and fast loading theme may a cause of higher traffic. 5. Social share buttons to each post & Pages :- Social media has become a part of common lives , now this days.It is seen that every where in the world , social media is used for every business or social changes.As for example , we can say the recent Egypt , Libya, Syria and USA president election.So your every blog post must carry the social share button which can offer easy share for any common user in social media.Here one thing keep in mind that there must be a social media profile in major social media networking site for your blog which can easily recognize your blog or you as a brand.

Saturday, October 26, 2013 Samson Ogola Android Browser , iOS Browser , Java Browser , Mobile Browser , Opera Mini , Symbian Browser , Windows Phone Browsers No comments Synopsis Nowadays, people prefer mobile devices to traditional desktop computing gadgets. For Instance, people own laptops, Notebook, Netbook, Tablets and a Smartphone (in that order) to ensure uninterrupted access to the internet. They also dont want to miss other computing services while not at home or in the office. In fact, even a laptop is nowadays considered heavy as lighter, and smaller internet gadgets are innovated almost daily. While a Laptop or Desktop PC can easily use a full Web Browsers, Web 2.0 or the mobile web has different requirement. Fortunately, all internet enabled phones, phablets and tablets have an in-built browser. While some of these inbuilt browsers are capable of supporting HTML 5 and Flash, some are just too simple for that (especially cellphone and feature phone default browsers. It is therefore not strange for users to look for alternative mobile browsers elsewhere.

What can you do to ensure that your Internet marketing efforts have the greatest impact with your business? The first thing to keep in mind is the seriousness with which you must approach your Internet business. Many new businesses tend to falter and perhaps even fail online as a result of a lack of focus. If you are starting a new business and you want to use Internet marketing to promote it, give it the attention that it deserves. It is more than a hobby, it is a business that is going to provide for you and your family for quite some time. Another thing to keep in mind when marketing online is the need to have an area where you will work regularly. If you are going to be working out of your home, this is especially important because you will want to focus your attention on the work at hand. Although it may seem enjoyable to sit in front of the TV with a laptop on your lap, that is not going to give you the real focus that you need to succeed.

15 Basic blogging tips to generate traffic for professional bloggers

This also helps as these social media websites are already ranked in Google, thereby increasing the ranking of the companys website as well. Rich content is very important for a higher ranking in Google. Content should follow SEO guidelines, but it should not spam. Keywords should not be used unnecessarily in order to increase the ranking. Meta tags and keywords also help in increasing the ranking, but before using the internal linking technique, one must learn how to use and create anchor links. Only then will it be helpful. When giving the website link on external websites, it is better to check if they are legal, and if not, it would be more harmful than good. Another method is to use the No-Follow attribute.


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