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Brands and other creators can appoint a Communications Manager to take ownership of moderating comments (limited to Google + for now but coming to YouTube) and posting and replying to followers without giving them full access to the YouTube channel in question. The owner of the Google +/YouTube channel can assign up to 50 Communication Managers which means more resources for the owner but less risk of compromise due of password sharing. Anyone assigned the role of ‘Communications Manager’ won’t have access to the Video Manager or YouTube Analytics or be able to upload content. However, it does give owners a new level of management structure which will be very useful for agencies or other departments to take a more active role where they can. It may also come in handyfor working with collaborators on YouTube without giving them the ability to manage your videos or access your details. Google + page owners canstart assigning this role now by visiting the Managers tab of their Dashboard.

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Ive chosen Dreamhost and WP due to the ease of installation, upgrades, and general maintenance. Most importantly -Speed- the lightning quick cache and retrieval for my visitors, who are located worldwide. Im able to monitor site traffic, server load, and a lot of other metrics through the intuitive dashboard at Dreamhost. Did I mention the email? It was two clicks from completion. That is: Setting up Email Accounts in Dreamhost is a snap. It only took me two clicks.

Use the video description as your videos sales pitch. The better the description the more likely it will engage your audience and attract more people who want to watch it. Treat the description like any other piece of content, i.e. balance the use of keywords with readability Optimise your video title for search engines and people.Make sure your video title is concise, intriguing but not cryptic and includes your keywords plus your company name. Use relevant tags. Tags are descriptive keywords that you can add to your video to help people find your content. Therefore its important that you choose relevant tags for your video. Try to think in terms of what youre audience might use to search for the content you are producing rather than using stock industry terms. You can include phrases or a series of words as tags if you put them in quotes.

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Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add theinternetbook’s video to your playlist. Sign in Uploaded on Sep 22, 2010 http://www.theinternetbook.com – SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide for small businesses. The author of the book, explaines why SEO and social networking are so important to improve web traffic. This new eBook details every important tactic needed to attract targeted traffic organically, and how to market to your social network of contacts. If you have a website, or are thinking of launching an online business, this is a ‘must read’. This book explains absolutely everything about creating a successful Internet marketing campaign. This book is absolutely essential for anyone seriously doing business on the Internet.

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If you dont, click here , and be prepared to wonder why we didnt have toys this cool as children. For those that didnt watch the first clip, the Crazy Cart has a wheel on a castor at each corner, and an electrically powered wheel in the middle that can turn a full youtube seo 360 degrees. Theres also the most adorable handbrake, which allows some drifty antics. In short, the Crazy Cart might be our favorite toy of 2013. The same two people that starred in the original Crazy Cart video from a few months ago are back, and are paying tribute to the king of the drift kings, Mr. Ken Block . With a driver zipping around the actual Razor warehouse, the video is shot much like one of Blocks Gymkhana videos, and our drifter even goes so far as wearing a box around his kart which is meant to look like a certain Monster-sponsored Ford Fiesta WRC .

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Yes, they’re designed for sports, so you’re probably not going to walk around town in these. Still, I imagine the protruding camera barrel between the eyes might be enough to turn off potential buyers. Then again, anyone who can get past the stares attracted by attaching an action cam on top of their helmet, probably won’t care about wearing these. (Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET) What you might care about is the build quality. While they are very lightweight, they don’t feel particularly sturdy. If you bend or twist them in any way, parts of the frames start to pull away from other parts. The lenses pop out easily as well, which could be considered a good or bad thing.

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59 % der Fuhrungskrafte wurde lieber Video sehen als Text lesen. 16. 65 % der Fuhrungskrafte besuchen nach dem Betrachten eines Videos die Website eines Anbieters. 17. 76% der Marketer planen Video zu ihrer jeweiligen Sites hinzufugen. 18. Von 2016 an werden nach einer Prognose von Cisco zwei Drittel des weltweiten Datenvolumens Videos sein. 19.

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Vevo moest enkel Google en Facebook voor zich dulden. Dat blijkt uit bereikscijfers die comScore publiceert. Vevo had in september tien procent meer unieke kijkers van vijftien jaar en ouder dan de nummer vier op de lijst, de Publieke Omroep. De muziekzender is van Amerikaanse origine maar heeft een gelokaliseerd aanbod dat in hoge geluids- en beeldkwaliteit wordt gestreamd. Verder blijkt uit de cijfers van comScore dat, niet verrassend, de sites van Google het grootste bereik in Nederland hebben. Vorige maand kwamen 12,6 miljoen unieke bezoekers van zes jaar en ouder een of meerdere malen op een Google-site. Microsoft is op dit punt met 10,8 miljoen unieke bezoekers de nummer twee, gevolgd door Facebook.

A new study by Pew Internet says 35% of Americans ages 16 and older now own tablet computers. And one of their favorite things to do on their devices is watch videos, according to this infographic from digital ad company Yume . Meanwhile, video ad revenue continues to grow, reaching $1.3 billion in the first half of 2013, up 24% from the same period last year, according to the IABs Internet Advertising Revenue Report . The infographic makes a great case for why tablets are the best device for viewing videos ads. For example: Consumers use tablets in quiet, comfortable spots for long durations: 100% view videos at home, most often on a couch or bed, and 66% view them on vacation. Tablets have the video viewers most undivided attention: 85% of tablet owners multitask, the lowest figure of any digital device. Tablets lead to stronger video ad effectiveness: Tablets score 57% in unaided recall lift, higher than any digital device.


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