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Our understanding of Search Engines tells us that the secret to great rankings lie in making your website better for your visitors. So, our On Page SEO strategy is to optimize the website for search engines in a way that it becomes better for your visitors. Boosting your Websites like Shivaami It is very easy to over optimize a website. Too much may only harm the site rather than helping. Our SEO experts carry out the following tasks on a website for on page optimization We carry out keyword research The best keyword phrases for your website are identified The site is optimized for the keywords The content is optimized (Keyword density, prominence) The Image tags are optimized (Alt) We help create the Title Tag The Meta Tags are optimized (Keyword, Description) Navigational errors are spotted and removed There can be nothing worse for a website and its ranking that broken links. We analyze your website for any broken links. We analyze your site structure to spot out any loopholes A sitemap is video seo one of the most important tools to help websites rank better. We create the right sitemap (HTML, XML, ROR, Text Sitemap) We create, validate and alter the robots.txt file Keyword based internal navigation is done We create the RSS Feed We optimize the site URL for better rankings We rewrite the .htaccess file wherever required We ensure W3C Compliance: HTML/CSS Validation We create a Google Analytics Account and set it up for you We create webmaster tools with all leading search engines Our SEO team keeps updating its strategies to be on par with the dynamic changes happening in search engine algorithms.

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If the directory allows do-follow links to your website and others, we use a number of factors while determining which websites would best match your business like how authoritative a directory is, how important a directory is for your niche, how many of your competitors are listed in the business directory, and so on. We always choose the best possible local business directories for your specific business needs. How do you claim the listings? Most of the listings require simple email verification. We will send the verification codes to your business mail box and arrange an appropriate time for you to verify these. The whole process normally takes less than 15 minutes for all the websites together. How long will it take for my website to go live?

The rankings are promoted at the start of each month in order to account for the latest developments and achievements of the best performing search engine marketing companies. The independent research team at scrutinizes and ranks the search engine marketing companies included in the evaluation process each month in order to assist businesses in selecting their best fit search engine marketing service. The 10 best search engine optimization consultants in Malaysia for October 2013 are: 1) Pichalee Net Services 7) Nexus Interactive Sdn Bhd 8) Locus – T Online Sdn Bhd 9) Hileytech Sdn Bhd 10) Studio S In order to build the top recommendations possible based on the most detailed evaluation of SEO firms the independent research team spends countless hours analyzing industry trends and market research. Each highlighted SEO service has been analyzed across five areas of evaluation. The five areas are important to deciding the comparative performance of the service in relation to major competitors within the industry. To build an even more detailed evaluation the independent research team also contacts a minimum of three client references of competing SEO firms. About is an established independent research firm in Malaysia focusing on the evaluation and ratings of consultants all around the world. The ratings are formulated by the independent research team each month to showcase the best search engine optimization consultants based on their achievements and their rating achieved through the proprietary evaluation process. For the rankings of the top search engine marketing consultants visit:

Think about how search engines workthey are actively looking for relevant content. If the search engines dont find your healthcare organizations site relevant for its own name, its likely that the SEO vendor deliberately put tags like no follow or no index into the code, he says. These tags tell search engines to ignore your site. Then, Sleazy SEO Inc., can go back and charge you more to make the pages visible. Thats like hijacking web traffic, Crestodina says. Your content strategy should indicate which terms are most relevant to your target audience. If those names are uniquelike your healthcare organizations name, your rock star doctors names, or some other name that no one else could havekey pages with those terms should rank pretty soon after the site goes live. This is why SEO got a bad reputation as being magical.

Photos – Publishing Guidelines For photos to publish, the user has to be a registered user. The user will receive an email from asking them to click the link verifying that the photo can be published on All photos will be edited by staff. The photos must meet the Photo Guidelines. The Content was created by me or by my employees or by a third party who has given me written permission to use the Content in the manner contemplated by the Application. If the Content includes a person or persons, I have obtained from each person in the photo the unrestricted right to use the photo. I have the unrestricted right and authority to use the Content in any media and in any advertising published under the Application in the way it is used. reserves the right to seo management software remove any content that does not conform to policy. By submitting information, you are granting permission to publish the information you provided.

It never sleeps, never takes a lunch break, and is eager to share its vast knowledge of your companys products with prospective customers any time of day. Your website should be an interactive extension of your business, not just a billboard. Your website’s main function should be to provide easy access to remarkable content for potential consumers. This concept is the foundation of the inbound marketing philosophy and is the driving force behind Blue Frogs website design strategy. Blue Frog has a straightforward 3-step approach to making your website a valuable tool for your business: 1) We analyze your website to understand how it currently appears to Google and determine what potential improvements we can make to your overall SEO strategy. 2) We design a website that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient to navigate, and built to facilitate the presentation of outstanding content to your potential customers. 3) We put your website to work for your business, turning it into a 24/7 employee that is able to provide potential customers with the information they seek anytime they need it. If you desire a more robust website solution, Blue Frog can integrate your site with the HubSpot product suite. As a HubSpot partner, Blue Frog is able to assist your company in fully integrating the inbound marketing approach.

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Dont fall for these SEO services that are actually spam: Excessive, Behind-the-Scenes Link Building Due to the changes in Google, content creators tend to move in one extreme or the other in terms of link building. Link-building can help you, but it has to be in moderation. Think of links as the paths that both users and the search engine will travel to find your content. If you outsource this, be aware of the types of link building done outside of content such as directory link building. It should seem natural and not done all at once with a flip of a switch. If youre concerned, ask how many directories your site is being added to each month and ask to have the Page Rank pulled for each of those sites. No link building at all (remember, social shares are link building) doesnt allow Google to connect the dots as quickly to what your website is about.


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