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(Google) By Jessica Guynn September 9, 2013, 11:15 a.m. SAN FRANCISCO As part of its increasingly aggressive moves to get more people to use Google+ and to keep Facebook and Twitter from dominating the social networking business, Google is rolling out two new tools that it says will help authors and publishers build a bigger audience on the Web. The first it calls “author attribution.” If you sign in to and TypePad with Google, articles you publish will be automatically associated with your Google+ profile. That means users will see your name, picture and a link to your Google+ profile when content appears in search, news and other Google products. Google plans to expand the pilot program to other websites and apps. The second is called embedded posts, which means you can now add public Google+ posts to Web pages. Google says the posts are interactive, meaning you can +1, comment or follow from the embedded post. Publishers can select “embed post” from the drop-down menu, copy the code and add to a Web page. The Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic are among the publishers taking part in the launch of the feature.

This list is of great value, containing not just empirical data about which keywords your website is ranked for currently, but also other data like number of impressions, ranking position and click-through rate. This information is crucial to know how keywords are performing on the website, and which keywords are performing better than others. SEO experts can further improve existing keywords, or add new ones if needed based on these findings. 2. Individual keywords and trends Another great feature of Google Webmaster tools is that it lets you view individual keyword performances in depth, and shows overall changes with time so that you can understand search trends and what visitors are looking for. Individual keyword options include relevant information of the performance of the keyword with respect to the content and the website, and it enables you to understand whether the content is serving its purpose. Knowing about trends can also put SEO experts in a good position for developing further strategies to capitalize on those trends.

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Decrease Bounce Rate If there is one thing search engines hate, it is a high bounce rate. Check your keywords for this, and optimize those pages to reduce your bounce rate. Search engines will love you for it. – Adam Lieb , Duxter 10. Produce Quality Content Search engines are rewarding people and companies who are getting high-quality, consistent content coming from them. Things such as author rank are going to have a big effect on organic search results. Put a plan in place to not only create content to publish online, but also to be able to maximize the value of the content so that it is properly distributed across social channels and has a chance to go viral. – John Hall , Influence & Co. 11.

13 Ethical Ways to Increase Your Site’s Search Traffic

Knowing about the total price for the tool. Basing decisions on reviews made by past customers. Search Engine Optimization is now a vital aspect of marketing and promotion, especially in the online business realm. Furthermore, SEO tools provide efficiency for people wishing to push their websites to the top results in search engines. These tools simplify the manual work process and saves time compared to manual SEO procedures. They help in creating more value for the website and give the website owner as well as his customers the chance to be ahead of the competition. Luckily, numerous SEO tools and software are available nowadays.\ In general, off-page optimization should also be handed responsibly in SEO.

What to Look for in SEO Tools? | ZYPEC

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12 Free Google SEO Tools to Crawl Up Your Website Ranking

Google Website Optimizer helps you to test different versions of your web pages, which is named as multivariate testing in SEO circles. (From Aug 1 2012 it will be integrated with Google Analytics ) #8. Google site map Google site map is a great way to enhance your link for website. The site map provides detailed data about your website and the relevant importance of the links provided by you to Google. With the help of Google site map you can give the search engine additional information which can be used to improve your searches. It will show your site in SEO profiles. Google Reader is a web-based aggregator, which is capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds . With the help of this tool you can manage feeds, label them and share your feed collection.


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