Brick Marketing SEO Newsletter for August 27

From Marketing Land: Facebook Says Run Your Promotions From Your Page, No Contest App Required In an about-face, Facebook announced it is doing away with the requirement that contest and promotions be run through apps. Up to now, page administrators were required to run all promotions through an app. However, illegal contests run from page timelines were fairly rampant. Starting today, page administrators can opt to run a promotion from [] Smartphones Driving Nearly Twice The Commerce Of Tablets comScore Every report Ive seen comparing conversions on PCs, smartphones and tablets shows tablets as having much higher conversion rates than smartphones. Part of the reason is that people rarely complete transactions on their smartphones they tend to buy later on PCs or tablets or offline. Thats why its both interesting and curious that comScore [] Twitter Hires Its First Head Of Commerce To Make Shopping In 140 Characters A Reality Twitter has hired Nathan Hubbard, formerly the CEO of Ticketmaster, as its first Head of Commerce. Hubbard reportedly began his new position yesterday, and will be tasked primarily with helping to grow Twitters revenue by making it more friendly to the retail shopping experience. Hubbards hire was announced this morning via a tweet from Twitters [] Facebook Govt Data Requests Dominated By US Facebook released its Government Data Requests report, covering the first half of 2013. The country with the most requests by far is the US.

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Thats why its both interesting and curious that comScore has data showing the percentage of e-commerce transactions happening on smartphones being seo services almost 2X of tablets. However, as a percentage of the total value of e-commerce in the US mobile (smartphones + tablets) still constitutes less than 10 percent. The total value of US mobile commerce for the first half of 2013 is $10.6 billion estimates comScore. Of that 6 percent is coming from smartphones and 3.5 percent from tablets. Events is a particularly fruitful area for mobile commerce apparently, coming it at nearly 16 percent of sales for the category. The explanation for the comScore numbers may simply be that there are many more smartphones than tablets in use, although the latter numbers are growing rapidly. Perhaps as many as 150 million in the US have smartphones while there are roughly 85 million tablets (extrapolating from Pew Research survey data).

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Well, technically it is the same thing, but it’s just a different way of looking at link building. What Information is the B2B Customer Looking For? B2Bs can struggle with ongoing content creation because they think that there is nothing to write about or that anything they write about is boring. First of all, there is ALWAYS something to write about. No matter what industry you are in there are plenty of topics that can engage target audience members. It’s OK, and probably necessary, to step outside of the box a bit and write about things that are related to your business/industry as opposed to being only about the exact niche that you are in. Second, SEO content doesn’t have to be exciting. Interview with Global SEM Expert Bill Hunt Recently I had the chance to interview global SEM and social media expert Bill Hunt.

Wall Street posts worst day since June on Syria concerns
| Reuters

. . and do some caddying for Jim Furyk! Location: Cerutis Summit Park 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. ET Includes 1 free ticket to the Hotel Fitness Championship on the Tour Location: Sheraton Hotel Framingham and Conference Center 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. ET Website makeover giveaway! Opportunity to purchase a discounted ticket to the Deutsche Bank Championship on the PGA TOUR The free forums are designed to help SMBs integrate their online marketing activities to generate leads and grow their business.

Prioriza el guion medio para espaciar las palabras clave, ya que las palabras clave que contienen las URLs son muy importantes para Google. Trata de evitar a toda costa las URLs constituidas por palabras demasiado largas. 4- Crea un Blog. El blog se esta destapando como el vehiculo perfecto para producir contenido. Es una muy buena forma de comunicarse con tus clientes, y bien trabajado, puede conseguir aumentar considerablemente el numero de leads que recibes. 5- Los ALT de las imagenes. Las etiquetas ALT se usan en las imagenes como alternate text, es decir, un texto que describe la imagen. Google no puede ver las imagenes y analizarlas, pero puede leer el nombre de esas imagenes. Antes de subir las imagenes a tu sitio Web, renombralas con las palabras clave que se mas se adecuen al contenido que ilustran.

“The potential disruption of Middle East oil supply will not only provide support for commodities, but this is a sector that has underperformed, where valuations are compelling,” said Grohowski, who helps oversee $175 billion in client assets in New York. The Dow Jones industrial average .DJI was down 170.33 points, or 1.14 percent, at 14,776.13. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index .SPX was down 26.30 points, or 1.59 percent, at 1,630.48. The Nasdaq Composite Index .IXIC was down 79.05 points, or 2.16 percent, at 3,578.52. Tuesday marked the biggest daily decline for the S&P since June 20. The benchmark index is now down 2.9 percent in August, putting it on track for its worst month since May 2012. Volume was light, with about 6.18 billion shares changing hands on the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq and NYSE MKT, below the daily average of about 6.31 billion shares so far this year. Goldman Sachs (GS.N) fell 3 percent to $153.23 a day after a source said the company lost tens of millions of dollars after a computer glitch led to a flood of erroneous options trades last week.

Well, save your efforts – has done just that; pulling together Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Debra Mastaler, Duane Forrester,Chris Bennett, Will Critchlow, Jim Yu, Marshall Simmonds, and Adam Audette in a new ebook . An Exciting Time for SEO Having worked long enough in SEO to be considered a veteran, I’ve found the most exciting aspect of the industry is that it’s constantly changing. As Google continues evolving their search algorithm to adapt to new forms of content, SEOs come up with strategies and tactics that speak to those new signals, and in turn, Google does their best to counteract those moves. It’s an online chess match. With social media all around us, the buzz around content marketing, the increasing imprint of no keyword , and mobile growth exploding, it’s an exciting time for SEO, but with those changes, our industry is also seeing some of our most difficult challenges. Knowledge Before Innovation As an SEO, you must stay on top of industry news because it allows you to quickly adapt when changes are released. It gives us a better understanding of where SEO is heading, and gives us the knowledge to stay one move ahead of not only our competitors, but Google. And what better way to innovate on your SEO than to ask thought leaders in the industry about the future of SEO?


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