Setting up a LinkedIn Company page for your business

All that matters is that you clean up all internally linked broken URLS and recognized crawls errors, so that the bots can smoothly crawl your website without any issues. While you are at, make sure your XML sitemap isn’t referencing any of your old/broken URLs, then resubmit it to Google. 4. Fatten-up Unindexed & Thin Content Pages After you make those changes and resubmit your XML sitemap to GWT, record how many pages were indexed and how many weren’t. Figure out which pages weren’t indexed (either with a tool or site:search in Google) and make sure those pages are 100% unique and have at least 250 words of content. In fact, make sure any pages with only a little bit of content has at least 250 words. This may be hard for some pages like your contact page, but if you look around, youll notice many top quality sites have figured out ways to address that. 5. LSI Content Implementation If you are targeting a certain key phrase, make sure that the page targeting that phrase has all the necessary contextual terms to back it up.

Don’t Get Hit! Comments We’ve all been there at one point or another. Shoot, you may be going through one of the five stages of Google grief right now. This summer was a tumultuous one for Google algorithm updates. Since the beginning of May, we’ve gone through seven of them, each varying in severity, but the public outcry has been consistent: A group panics, some remain calm, and the Interwebz explodes with “How to Recover” posts. Wouldn’t you love to be in a place when you laugh in the face of Google algorithm updates? These tactics could help you get there. 1.

3 Sustainable SEO Tips: Why Recover From Google Updates? Don’t Get Hit! – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

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There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything. Only available for business websites. It only takes around 15 minutes to set up & the benefits start straight away There a quite a number of reasons why you should consider setting up a LinkedIn Company Page for your business, such as being able to showcase your products or services, outline offers, post jobs; but the reasons that most stand out for me relate to the inbound links it can bring from an important site like LinkedIn, and the fact that the LinkedIn Company Page can occupy a place on the search engine results page for people searching on your company name. Other businesses may follow your page The other benefit is other businesses may follow your Company Page and you can follow them. This can also be a great way to build valuable traffic from LinkedIn, as every time you update your Company Page they will be sent a message. Add a Products & Services tab Setting up a LinkedIn Company Page is not difficult and Ive found takes around 15 minutes to do a basic setup. Id recommend revisiting it after a few days and maybe adding a Products & Services tab and further refine the information about your company. Once youre up and running you can also add a follow button to help build your followers from the visitors on your website. VisitAdd a Company and work through the simple steps To get started building your own LinkedIn Company Page, first visit the Add a Company page, and work through adding the different fields of information. There is also a very helpful guide on the LinkedIn Learning pages.

But having one is an easy way to boost your search engine ranking. Creating one is easy. Assuming you’re on WordPress (you are on WP, right?) there’s a plugin you can grab here that does all of the work for you. To give you the nitty gritty details: You need a sitemap. You want both an XML and an HTML sitemap. For an example of an HTML sitemap, click this link and visit my site’s sitemap. .And just a side note having a sitemap makes it easier for those new visitors you’ve snagged via your SEO efforts to go back and read your prior posts, too. Social Media More than ever, social media sharing is playing an increasing role in determining how pages rank on Google. Why? Quite simply, the role of a search engine is to bring you to relevant, useful content. One of the ways to measure relevance and usefulness is to see what people are sharing on social sites most frequently. When you create content, take the time to link to it from multiple social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the big one Google+ (Google seems to have a preference for content provided by authors with Google+ profiles). Speed Matters One of the things that you might not have considered in optimizing your site to be found by search engines is the loading speed of your website. Regularly check your website’s loading time, and make sure that any photos have been optimized for the web. You’ll especially want to double check your website after loading any plugins, as plugins can dramatically change your website’s loading time. If you suspect that one of your plugins might be affecting your site’s loading time, you can check this by disabling all of your plugins, and then enabling them one at a time to see which one is the culprit. Be Consistent When it comes down to it, all of these strategies for optimizing your site for better search engine rank consistency is huge. SEO isn’t a destination, it’s a journey, and it’s one that can quickly go the wrong direction if you aren’t consistent with your efforts. All the SEO strategies and tactics in the world won’t do you a bit of good if you’re doing them in fits and starts instead of a little bit every day. It’s like exercise you can’t make up for a lifetime of bad habits the first time you work out.

SEO tips for blogs – by John Louie Ramos – Helium

Engagement: People who interact with a business or organization or an individual (on social networks, in email, etc.) by posting comments and sharing content are said to be engaged. F Facebook: A social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study, and live around them. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than 800 million users. seo software Facebook Places: Facebooks geo-location feature allows users to check in wherever they are. As opposed to similar services like Foursquare and Gowalla, Facebook Places allows users to tag their friends who are also at a location, giving businesses and organization an even better indication of who is visiting their establishment or attending their event. (Note: Facebook users can choose to block themselves from being tagged if they wouldnt want that kind of information to be revealed.) Facebook Tabs: Along the top of a Facebook profile or page, tabs separate out areas of content. Customers can add additional tabs using pre-built applications or by building their own. Flickr: A social network based around online picture sharing.

Glossary of Terms for SEO and Social Media Marketing | The Porch

Tip 2: Choose a keyword-rich, SEO-friendly domain name Choosing a domain name is also crucial. Your domain name should be short and descriptive. It should also include your keywords and key phrases. While a .com domain name is considered as the best (due to its popularity,) generic domain names dont really have an effect in SEO. Tip 3: Invest on good hosting services Investing on good hosting services is also essential. Most cheap hosting packages might not handle a huge outpour of traffic. Similarly, some cheap hosting services are slow, which wont do any good for search engine spiders crawling in your blog.

When it comes to Video SEO, adding words to your video is one of the most important, and most missed, tips that makes your video perform for you. 1) Uploading transcripts to the video page will help you greatly. Within the context, various keywords, and phrases, will be ready for indexing by search engines. While a description is good for a title, and a brief introduction, a transcript can act like the framework for SEO . 2) Use the comment sections to host keyword descriptions and entire transcripts. Every video hosting site has a reserved area for your description of the video. Try to upload the entire transcript into that section, or as much as the site will allow you to put in. Also in the description should be a clickable link to your site.

Top 10 Video SEO Tips And Tricks For 2013 – Ebuzznet

There are some definite SEO advantages to having a Google+ profile. In Bonnie Burns’s insight: Google+ allows you to link to all of your social media profiles, sites and Blogs in a neat, organized manner. You can also link to any sites that you regularly contribute to. All of these links are followed links AND you get to select sites the anchor text (in your bio). Tip: The more people share your posts, +1 your posts or link to your profile, the more valuable these links become to you. The takeaway here is that you need to network and build connections that will help spread your content.

7 SEO Tips to Boost Your Ranking

Giving away content (and maybe the occasional iPad) for free. Paying attention to what your users want and giving it to them. Perhaps the big brands do have it easy , not because they have the household name, but because they were around before everyone started freaking out about links, title tags, and keywords. They were doing things the right way that got them exposure well, most of them anyway and when things went online, that did too. 2. Give Users a Good Experience It’s impossible really hard to have a good website that ranks well for a long period of time if it doesn’t give your users a good experience. If people like your website, they come back.


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