Numero Uno Web Solutions, a Toronto-Based SEO Company, Releases Comments on Growth of E-Commerce in Canada and Provides Top E-Commerce Web Design Tips

Benefits of Search Engine optimization: Search Engine Optimization makes your website search engine friendly and brings huge visitors to your website once your site is listed on top listings of Search Engines Result Pages (SERP). There are two main factors that influence the rankings of your web pages. This typically includes: On Page Optimization Off Page Optimization On page optimization: On-site optimization or On page optimization is the process of optimizing a websites content and structure so that the search engine robots can read and index all the web pages of that site well. It includes title, meta tag, description, sitemap etc. What are most important Methods for On Page Optimization? Here are few things to do for on page optimisation. # Keyword Research and Analysis # Title Tag (Page Title Optimisation) # Submission of XML Sitemap # Page Specific Meta Tag Creation # Search Engine Verification from Google, Yahoo and MSN # Alt Tag Optimization # Creation and Submission of ROR.xml # Creation of Proper Link Structure # Implementation of 301 Permanent Redirect # Implementation of Google Analytics # Optimization of Search Engine Essential Files (robots.txt, urllist.txt, sitemap.xml) # Creating microformats like hcard integration, hrview integration,vCard integration Off page optimization : Off page optimization refers to the process of quality link building to related websites. Links building are made through different ways such as bookmark, directory, article, blog, forum posting etc.

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Beyond looking at how theyre listed in a results page, you can learn a lot about the advertisements that surround keyword phrases that youre considering targeting in your own blog. Generally, if you notice a lot of advertisements, thats a good clue that a keyword is of high value. Before long, youll see how much there is to learn from simply navigating to your preferred search engine and typing in a few phrases. This is something you can and should do before using any new keywords within content, and fortunately it only takes a minute or two. Put Yourself in a Users Place Although there are several tools that can connect directly to your browser to assist with keyword research as you write a blog post, dont underestimate the power of your brain. Chances are, you use the Internet regularly, but have become well versed in the best ways to find what youre looking for. Consider topics you write about, and think about what youd type into a search engine if you were trying to find your own blog.

Content Mass Never have less than 400 words on a page. If the content you are providing is in fact valuable you should be able to come up with around 1,000 words. Fonts and copy size is important Not everyone has the same fonts as you, so stick to basics like Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman. Also, keep your text size above 8pts no one enjoys squinting. Bullet Points make reading easy Using a bullet point or numbered system helps break up your copy seo ranking software into consumable pieces for the visitor and also gives the page a clean layout which is easier on the eye. Dont neglect your images When using images to backup your copy, give an accurate description of what the image is for or what it refers to in the ALT tags. Write for the searcher, not you You need to ensure that your content is in line with what the visitor is searching for, not what you think they should be searching for. The best way to write good SEO friendly copy is to use your common sense more than anything.

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) The survey also found that roughly 11% of Canadian firms sold a good or service online in 2012, up from eight percent in 2007. What this says is that the sales growth is being made from the same companies selling more, says Marco Reuter, business development manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions. Interestingly, 10% of smaller businesses sold products or services online, capturing more than 17% of online sales in Canada. E-commerce sales in Canada are on the rise, Reuter explains, and, with the growing proliferation of mobile devices, they are only going to go higher, providing smaller businesses with new opportunities. To keep up with the demand of e-commerce, Canadian businesses need to keep up with e-commerce web site design, says Reuter. One of the first orders of business for any brand looking to generate more online sales is to ensure their site is optimized to work on any screen, whether its a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet, Reuter adds. Thats because 54% of online shoppers in Canada think less of a brand if their site is not mobile friendly, and 45% will not do business with firms that fall short of their expectations. (Source: Your Insights on Smartphones: Brands Beware – Consumers’ Mobile Expectations Are High,, July 16, 2013; ) Not only will users leave a site if it isnt optimized to work screens of any size, theyll also move on if it takes too long to load, points out Reuter. Studies show that 75% of users will not return to a web site that takes longer than four seconds to load, and even a one-second delay can decrease conversions by seven percent. (Source: How Page Load Speed Impacts SEO And User Experience, April 29, 2013;

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The title of blog post/article is one of the most important elements in weighing SEO Value. SEO specialists advise that titles should be clear and concise. It should cater to a specific audience and must be relevant to a particular niche. It is also preferred that titles should not exceed 60 characters. 2) Meta description a short summary of what readers can expect. Meta descriptions are simply short summaries of blog posts and articles. It is a preview of whats in store and what the readers can expect out from the web content.

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Kita mulai saja tips memilih nama domain seo friendly: Singkat Tips memilih domain yang pertama ini terutama untuk memudahkan pengunjung mencapai situs kamu melalui direct trafik. Semakin singkat semakin baik, usahakan maksimal tiga kata, satu kata lebih baik, karena google lebih suka domain yang pendek daripada yang panjang-panjang. (tidak seperti wanita ). Pilih pula nama yang mudah diingat dan dieja, jangan pilih kata yang rumit. Mengandung Kata Kunci Jika anda ingin memilih domain seo friendly lebih dari satu kata, pilihlah domain yang menjadi kata kunci utama situs anda. jika blog anda tentang rahasia bisnis ptc anda bisa pilih domain RAHASIABISNISPTC dan semisalnya, beberapa blog atau situs seperti para penjual ebook telah sukses memakai cara ini. Jika target pengunjung anda adalah dari google, maka memilih cara kedua ini lebih bagus dari cara pertama. tapi jika anda mengharap direct trafik pilihan no. 1 lebih mantap.

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Want to get more Twitter followers and look like a seasoned Twitter veteran by Tweeting like a Pro? First, get to know the basic Twitter best practices, such as direct messaging, @ replies, and retweeting. Send a private message directly to someone who follows you by typing the letter d in front of their username in a tweet. In your public tweets, use @ replies to comment on any other users tweets; just include the @ symbol before their username in your message. If you want to repeat what someone else tweeted, choose Retweet and include the letters RT in the beginning of your note. You can even ask politely in a tweet for others to retweet you. Below are some other Tweet slangs you can use to tweet like a pro and build even more credibility as a Tweeter! Enjoy!

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Frames: Some sites have pages that are made up of multiple HTML pages. Typically the navigation will be on one page and the content on another. You can tell if you scroll down the page and the navigation remains static. Frames are bad for a sites search engine promotion. FTP – File Transfer Protocol is a protocol for transferring data between computers. Many content management systems (such as blogging platforms) include FTP capabilities. GoogleBot – Spider used by Google. Google Dance – In the past Google updated their index roughly once a month. Those updates were named Google Dances.

Meta Titles are text put within a specific area of code. Merely writing a title and putting it in large font does not create the meta title. Content Management Systems like WordPress handle Meta Titles easily where all the user has to do is enter text in the title area. The highlighted area is the Meta Title. What are Meta Descriptions? Meta Description is the text placed within a specific area of code. This tells the search engines what your content is about. Google does not rank a website according to its meta description but instead uses it to present relevant information in search engine results.

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Even though my website is an affiliate site, I believe it still could be an effective tool to use. If you dont have a product then consider sending something physically. People still like to receive things via snail mail. You could send chocolates or flowers to a website owner/editor. I know if I received a chocolate box with a message asking for a link back to a website, I would probably blog about the experience. If the link is worth it, consider doing it! #4 Create an Interactive Infographic Most link building campaigns are centered on link bait. Link bait is useless unless it is useful. I know that sounds like a Yoda sentence, but its true!

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Utilize social media sites to expand your brand presence: To be in the top ten results you should spread your presence in different social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook , and so on, so that the search engine sites recognize your company as authority of that particular brand and your ranking comes in the first page of the results. Choose LinkedIn: Social media marketing takes lots of time and effort and to limit your resources it is better to choose LinkedIn as the first priority. LinkedIn ranks higher than other social media sites because companies tend to search LinkedIn instead of Google for professional services . Use anchor text to link other sites: Anchor text hyperlinked to quality key word takes you to another web page. Search engine sites normally use anchor texts to determine the importance of the page linked and raise the ranking in the results. Search results should be monitored once a month: You should keep track of your company name in Google at least once a month or more often so that you will know immediately if any new content about your company hits the web. You should also check other result pages in Google to see if there are any negative comments which may end up in page one within no time. You should also track Wikipedia which presently is the top ranking in search engines and make sure that your company name is there in the top ten.


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